Ambulatory Uses

Pro-Clean Mild Alkaline Detergent is specially formulated for use in washer disinfectors. Compatable with a variety of substrates, stainless, aluminum, and plastics. Extremely free rinsing.
Enzy-Foam™ Spray - the ideal surgical instrument pre-cleaner, prevents bioburden build up. Perfect for Operating Rooms, Central Supply, Endoscopy Suites and Outpatient Surgery.
Bio-Zyme™ is an advanced multi-tiered cleaner that quickly removes blood and bioburden from endoscopes and surgical instruments.
Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic DetergentTM is formulated to quickly remove heavy bioburden from surgical instruments. Tests confirm that Pro-Zyme Low Foam Enzymatic DetergentTM is a top performer over other leading enzyme detergents in the marketplace.